Ishara offers a wide range of consultancy services to assist Corporates, Professional Organisations, Government & International Agencies. We started as a learning & development specialist in 2008 and is known for quality & timely delivery over the years. We had partnered with multiple stakeholders in varied domains.

Our services can be broadly classified into the following focus areas :

Marketing Research and Consultancies

Our consultancy services include training need consultation for industries companies and organizations, where the training requirement for the concerned client is first studied and customized action strategies are charted out. Performance analysis and psychometric tests will be run by our team in order to gain insight into the most effective and productive methods to be adopted for the company and the employees, studying to the data amassed from the training need analysis initially carried out. The deliverables are tailor-made in collaboration with internationally adept industry experts, to match the requisites for knowledge expansion, performance upgrade and career boost. This is in order to cordon out any gaps in performance and insights of the employees and to rectify all trip wires holding back the company’s achievement and to match the skill sets emphasized by the employer.

Conference, Seminars and Educational Event Management

Ishara proudly offers a comprehensive coverage of all conference, seminars and educational event needs starting from ideation and facilitation of topics, experienced and professional Internationally acclaimed trainers, innovative and strategized structures according to the theme and target audience, ensuring media exposure and delivering an unforgettably edifying and expanding practice with precision and dedication. Collaborating on pan UAE and international events, over 44 seminal events have been delivered in a span of two decagons and continuing to enlighten minds and serving enviably well-structured and organized events, Ishara imposes as a master planner and organizer when it comes to training and upgradation or learning opportunities within and beyond the geographical limits of UAE. With Ishara at the helm covering multifarious spheres of knowledge and flaunting exclusive international linkages, your educational event simply becomes a carefree affair meticulously catered with accuracy and expertise.

Professional and Management Development Training

Ishara is always in a constant effort to evaluate and fulfill the training needs and upskilling requirements in UAE with the best international tools and trainers lining up with the ideals and guidelines requisites for the industry. Programmes are custom-made to suit the Industry 4.0 skill requirements to bridge all the lacunas left by the fast-paced technologically powered world. We not only deliver to the re-skilling and upskilling need of the industry, but also to improve the employability of the upcoming pool of potentially viable candidates right from the roots, starting from educational institutions. This also enables us to ensure that there is forthcoming asset of highly trained and specialized workforce to prop UAE up at all times in all the prominent sectors. The impeccable global helix of adept trainers habitually scrutinizes, validates and standardize the training tools and modules to guarantee the most innovative approaches and revolutionary training materials and topics and a transparent and unbiased feedback system promises to adjust and adapt according to the client and candidate comfort and necessities. This also sets apart Ishara as an acclaimed superlative provider of training and skilling needs of UAE with our own quality vetting and assessment system. With a multitude of about thirty different specialized programmes in our quiver, Ishara continues to expand our horizons in a myriad of domains with massive amount of research devoted to keep on excelling in every possible skill training that UAE is in need of.

Computer Training (IT)

We deliver the best and cutting edge technological and software training that ensures streamlined and efficient use of work easing tools and IT asset management policies and procedures, innovative tools and system training along with technological cost saving techniques, staff guidance methods and strategies to get your staff and company always stay ahead of the fast paced technologically advancing world. With our dexterous trainers continuously upgrading and revamping the training materials and course structures, we ensure ingenious training methods delivered on both online and offline platforms, backup up with continuous assessments that will give a seamless training experience without having the need of an inhouse training mechanism. Alongside these, with an insight into the developing market structure and future requirement of IT and coding skills, a new set of course structures are being developed to provide modules encapsuling doses of valuable coding, robotics, AI and machine learning for students, aiming at the booming industries and career opportunities certain to be the championing industries in the near future.

Translation, Editing and Proofreading services

Ishara provides professional legal translation, proofreading and editing services with ultimate precision and scrutiny. Translation services offer translation from and to Arabic and other languages. Documents are meticulously crafted to suit the client need in par with the legal standards that UAE insists upon. We guarantee top-notch and careful certified editing and vetting of legal as well as consulate and visa documents. Bank document services are also offered at Ishara.

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