We partner with International Content Providers to Offer High End Training Program as per the requirement of the Clients

1 Sales

  1. Up selling & Communication Skills for Frontliners
  2. Building A Super Sales Team
  3. Winning Customers Thru Negotiation, Suggestive Selling & Closing Deals

2 Customer Relationship & Services Management

  1. Service Skills for Room Division
  2. Complaints & Service Recovery For Hoteliers
  3. Turning Complaints To Business Opportunities
  4. World Class Customer Service – Front Office, Reservations
  5. Mastering Telemarketing for Reservation

3 Train The Trainers & Team building

  1. Train for Performance
  2. Managerial Leadership Boot camp
  3. Mindset & Attitude Change Camp
  4. The Art & Science of Inspirational Leadership

4 Conversational, Writing & Communication Skills

  1. Report Writing & Effective Presentation Skills
  2. Highly Effective Communication Skills for Hoteliers and Front Office Executives
  3. Effective Presentation Techniques
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