15th GCC Conference on Gifted & Talented

6th & 7th November 2021

Who should attend..?

Principals, Administrators, Counselors, Social Workers, Teachers, Parents, Researchers, Adult literacy Educators, College educators, Curriculum Specialists, ELL Educators, LD Specialist, Reading Specialists, Staff Developers, Speech & Language Specialists, Library & Media Specialists, Technology Coordinators, Medical & Mental health Professionals, Teachers of special Education and General Education, Education Policy Advocates & College Student support Personnel, Adults with Learning Disability & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder , Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder


Session 01.

Needs of Gifted & Talented with focus on education

  • Needs of Gifted & talented
  • The accurate identification, placement and allocation of individually gifted &talented students.
  • Curriculum modifications
  • Detailed tracking, data analysis and outcomes focused planning
Session 02.

Disability with Giftedness - Twice Exceptional

  • Definition of Twice Exceptional
  • Misconceptions about Giftedness
  • Identification of Twice Exceptional
  • Challenges and Benefits of 2E   
  • Differentiation and Accommodation for 2E
Session 03.

The Unique inner lives of Gifted & Talented children

  • The Unique Inner lives of gifted &Talented
  • Characteristics of the gifted &Talented
  • Role of Empathy
  • Role of Imagery in patience building
  • Acceptability- sneak peak into the lives of the Gifted
Session 04.

Psycho-educational Screening, Assessment and Diagnosis of More Able, Gifted and Talented Students

  • Concepts of More-Able, Gifted and Talented
  • Professional AGT Screening for the Identification and Diagnosis
  • CAT-4 Identification of Gifted and Talented in Inclusive Schools
  • Relevance of International Academic Achievement Assessments for AGT like MAP
  • Internal Academic Assessment Reflections for the Identification of AGT in Inclusive Schools
Session 05.

Advance Learning Plan for Gifted & Talented

  • What is Advance Learning Plan?
  • What should an ALP include?
  • How to develop ALPs – Essential components
  • Planning, Intervention & its monitoring
  • Evaluation & Reporting of the ALP
Session 06.

Parenting the Gifted & Talented

  • Understanding & conscious nurturing
  • Allow to unlock the potential
  • Reduce restrictions
  • Creating support system
  • Realistic expectations

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Day 1 : 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM
Needs of Gifted & Talented with focus on education

Ms. Catherine O’Farrell

Catherine O’Farrell is an experienced educational leader and consultant. She is the Director of the Knowledge Hub at iCademy Middle East and hosts an international voluntary forum for Inclusion &  well-being leaders. Catherine holds numerous degrees and post graduate certificates including bachelor’s degrees in education and psychology.  She also holds graduate level degrees in Counseling and Psychotherapy. Catherine brings 16 years experience in international education.  She has served in executive leadership roles for some of the region’s largest school groups. O’Farrell is widely regarded as a regional influential leader and advocate for special education and inclusion communities. She is practicing across the MENA region working under the Global Sustainability Networkstriving toward the UNSDG Goal 8. Catherine is a regular media contributor and conference speaker.

Day 1 : 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM
Disability with Giftedness – Twice Exceptional

Dr. Alka Kalra

Dr. Alka Kalra is a leading educational psychologist, social therapist, reformist speaker,International trainer and coach licensed by Community Development Authority (Dubai) working in UAE for more than 27 years. She is Founder Director of Eduscan Instituteestablished in Abu Dhabi which spread its wings to Dubai and Sharjah. She is a Ph.D in Psychology and has done Post-Doctoral Research from University of Pittsburg, USA. Shereceived the Gold Medal from the late Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi for ‘All India Best Cadet Award’. She conducts Dyslexia Correction for lifetime which has veryconclusive results. She is the recipient of numerous awards including Super 100 WomenAchievers (2018), Excellence in Education awards (2020), Heroic Contribution award formental and psychological health (2020), Vibrant Heroes Award (2020), ExtraordinaryWork in Education award (2020) and World Health Achiever award (2021).

Day 1 : 12:15 PM – 1:45 PM The Unique inner lives of Gifted &Talented children

Dr. Sonakshi Ruhela

Dr. Sonakshi Ruhela is currently serving as the Associate Registrar at Amity UniversityDubai. She has over 11 years of full-time experience in Undergraduate and Post graduate teaching, mentorship and research in the field of psychology and behavioral science. She isthe author of the Book- “Counseling Interventions for Millennials”. She is the recipient of the Excellence in Mental Health award (2021) Great Indian Women Leader (2021) Middle East Women Leaders Award (2020) Academic Leadership Award (2019) and Outstanding achievement for Autism Awareness award (2018). She has conducted Trainings for Sharjah Tourism, Dubai Electricity and Water Authorities (DEWA),Paramilitary trainings (India), Prison Inmates Training (Tihar Jail- India), Higher College ofTechnology, Dubai and several schools and corporates in India and UAE.

Day 2 : 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Psycho-educational Screening, Assessment and Diagnosis of More Able, Gifted and Talented Students

Mr. Showkat Ahmad Ganaie

Showkat Ahmad Ganaie is certified, experienced and skilled rehabilitation psychologist,presently working as Head of Inclusive Education, Gifted Education, LSP, well being and Counseling Services at Dubai National School, Al Barsha. He is the Founder Executive Director of Special Needs Organization “The Able Society of Kashmir, J&K India”. He has 16 years of professional experience in the field of SEND Welfare, Rehabilitation, Research,Education, Support Services and Linkages with Govt. and Non-Govt. Organizations. He has supported approximately 15000 cases of Students of Determination Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3,More-Able, Gifted, Talented and Childhood Psychological Disorders at various levels(regional, national and international). He is a great contributor of Psycho-educational Screening and Assessment Developer for the Identification of SEND and AGT. Showkat is the recipient of Outstanding Inclusive Education Practices Award 2020-21.

Day 2 : 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Advance Learning Plan for Gifted & Talented

Ms. Sabine Rizk

Sabine Rizk is a clinical psychologist (M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology) and donePsychopathology from the University of Rene Descartes (France). She is co-owner andassessments director of Human Relations Institute & Clinics. She is a leading psychologistlicensed by Dubai Health Authority since 2005. Sabine has over 15 years of professionalexperience having worked in France, Egypt, Lebanon, and the UAE in a variety of clinical andcounseling settings. She uses the psychodynamic approach as well as the attachment theory approach to bring awareness to her client’s concerns and challenges, while providing anurturing and safe environment. Sabine’s trilingual fluency in Arabic, English, and French has allowed her to work with several cultures and has built up a robust, culturally diverseexperience working with Western expatriate families as well as Arab and GCC nationals.

Day 2 : 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Parenting the Gifted & Talented –

Ms. Anuja Chaturvedi

Ms. Anuja is a CDA Licensed Social Therapist, Psychologist certified IMDHA Clinical Hypnotherapist, ICF- ACC Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Trainer, NLP Practitioner,Philanthropist, and Social Worker. She works with Tender Heart Arena as a psychologist.She offers mental health support and guidance services to the various ventures undercommunity welfare to uplift society by strengthening the wellbeing of individuals. She is anactivist & co-founder of a non-profit NGO ‘Samadhaan – Feel & Heal’ to fight against thestigma about mental health.

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Eduscan Institute was founded in 1994 by Dr. Alka Kalra – the renowned psychologist. It is a leading educational institution that empowers students and schools with knowledge, skills and values to create successful and happy communities. More than 30,000 students and 15000 teachers have been trained in last 27 years. Eduscan Institute is certified by Community Development Authority (CDA) and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The focus areas for activities are School of determination (offers comprehensive programs for children with challenges), Leadership and Personality development trainings, Holiday camps, Assessments, Counselling, Training for teachers/parents, Therapies, Experiential learning visits, etc. Eduscan believes each individual has a unique set of talents and abilities. Eduscan has a distinctive approach of focusing on identification and highlighting hidden potential along with addressing the gaps. Eduscan’s programs / therapies for children of determination are very affordable for the  offers all 

Why this Conference

Today we are on a huge turning point in education of the Gifted and Talented students in this century. We need to reflect on the extraordinary changes and advances witnessed in the past decades.  The most important aspect of Giftedness is that it is multidimensionality. Gifted learners are not a homogeneous group, to the contrary, they are many, varied and unique. A research on gifted and talented learners indicates that the gifts and talents among the gifted vary widely. Psychometricians and psychologists, equated giftedness with high IQ. However, other researchers have argued that intellect cannot be expressed in such a unitary manner, and suggested more multifaceted approaches to intelligence. Most of the investigators define giftedness in terms of multiple qualities, not all of which are intellectual. Motivation, high self-concept, and creativity are key qualities in many of these broadened conceptions of giftedness. Therefore this conference will help develop a deeper understanding about Gifted and Talented with a special focus on education. I t will also guide about various tools for screening and assessment leading to the development of advance learning plans. This will also guide toward various intervention plans to ensure that gifted and talented students get what they deserve on a school campus. It will also focus on Twice Exceptional children where giftedness and disability coexist. It will also provide various tools and techniques for powerful parenting of gifted and talented.

You will learn

  • Needs of G&T, their screening, identification and placement
  • Data analysis, focused planning and curriculum modification
  • Understanding co-existence of disability and giftedness in a student
  • Differentiation and accommodation for twice exceptional children
  • Acceptability – sneak peak into the lives of gifted
  • CAT-4 identification of gifted and talented in inclusive schools
  • Relevance of international academic achievement assessments of G&T like MAP
  • Internal academic assessment reflections for the identification of G&T in inclusive schools
  • How to develop advance learning plan.
  • Monitoring, reporting and revising the advance learning plan
  • Powerful parenting for gifted and talented children

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