Fawzia Gharib inaugurates conference on bullying prevention

Fawzia Mohammed Hassan Gharib, Assistant Undersecretary of educational events sector in the Ministry of Education said that the UAE focused since its inception on education with great attention overcoming all difficulties aiming at advancing the nation, based on the principle of loyalty to the homeland.

This came while she inaugurated a conference on the prevention of bullying among children in schools, organized by Al Ishara Consultancy a leader in the organization of educational conferences in hotel Taj Palace, Dubai. 

Fawzia said that the priority of school officials and educational institutions are appreciated to make the campus safe for students, teachers, administrators  and all providing a safe learning environment.

“Despite the availability of many analysis on the complexity of this phenomenon, the most important this is the dealing with this phenomenon through an integrated approach with the involvement of parents, family, teachers, administrators and social support networks in addition to the bullying student himself to solve the problem,” she added.

The international speaker Dr. Carrie Herbert, Founder and Chief Executive of the Red Balloon Learner Centre and one of the leading specialists in this area in the UK said the bullying can happen anywhere children gathers. Yet, with greater understanding of the extent, seriousness, and dynamics of this problem, the amount and consequences of bullying can be greatly reduced. Together with parents, caregivers working in child care programs, afterschool and youth programs, and camps can play crucial roles in bullying prevention. You are on the front lines, likely to see bullying when it occurs and establish the rules needed to prevent it. You are in a unique position to help them navigate the challenges of their social world.  Yet, the issues surrounding bullying can be complex. Knowing how—and when— to intervene requires effective strategies and practice. 

“To get rid of the bullying in school, of course, we need to provide a supportive environment in schools and in every classroom, as well as to provide the necessary assistance to the student individually and through family, ensuring the educational rights for all students to have equal opportunities for success and excellence paving the way towards the bright career,” Carrie said.  

Mr. Maaulainain, Director General of Al Ishara, which organized the conference said that the bullying phenomenon , according to some social scientists, is a form of abuse and victimization, which for decades has spread among school students. It is a kind of deliberate disturbance and harassment of the individual or group, and may be a direct physical attack or harassment, verbally, psychologically. They may take conspiracy and manipulation to humiliate the others.

“Scientists, psychologists and sociologists unanimously say that the frequent exposure to bullying will deeply impact on children’s education, leading to leave school or continues absence. More seriously it will lead to the imbalance of character and psychological growth,” Salama said. 

“This time the conference was in English, at the same time we prepare for a similar conference, perhaps a broader one, in Arabic- after the completion of procedures of negotiating with speakers specialized in this area in Arabic,” he added.  

The most important theme of the conference was about the ways to address the phenomenon of bullying among children. The conference also focused on the general growth of the regional community as well as educational and social trends that will have an impact on every aspect of people’s lives in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

It should be noted that the conference was attended by a large number of delegates from all over the GCC, including school administrators, advisers, counselors, teachers, parents, researchers, educators and specialists in various relevant areas.

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