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Gad Elbeheri
  • Dr.Gad Elbeheri
  • Managing Director – Global Educational Consultants
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    Dr. Gad Elbeheri is the Founder and Managing Director of Global Educational Consultants (Egypt) and the President (Middle East & Africa) of the International Higher Education Group LLC (USA).  Previously he was the Dean of the Australian College of Kuwait and the Executive Director of Centre for Child Evaluation & Teaching.

    An applied linguist who obtained his PhD from the University of Durham, UK, Dr. Elbeheri has a keen interest in cross-linguistic studies of specific learning difficulties and inclusive education.

    Dr. Elbeheri has made over 40 conference and seminar presentations around the world. He has published over 8 books in both English and Arabic in the field of dyslexia, and over 10 peer reviewed journal articles on dyslexia and its manifestations in Arabic. He has participated in producing nationally standardized tests and computer-based screening programs in Arabic.

Usha Pandit
  • Dr.Usha Pandit
  • CEO, Mindsprings Enrichment Centre. India
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    Usha Pandit wears many hats. She is a teacher, teacher trainer, consultant for schools, special educator for gifted children and author of the mainstream English textbooks – ‘Empowering English’, ‘Language with Ease’ and ‘Writing with Ease’ published by her company Mindsprings Publishing. The books have touched the lives of children in over 100 schools.

    She is the Founder CEO of Mindsprings that provides consultancy services to schools in the areas of academic diagnosis, planning, implementation, teacher training, academic audit and quality control.   As consultant, Usha’s services were sought by some of the top Indian schools like  Cathedral & John Connon School,  Euro group, Universal group,  Heritage Schools in Delhi, Neerja Modi School Jaipur and Shishuvan Mumbai.

    She is a much sought-after speaker at conferences and a resource person for workshops and training programmes pan India for teachers in all areas of English, classroom practices and leadership. 

    Mindsprings has been running an enrichment programme for the gifted at Cathedral for the last 14 years. Usha is one of the very few people who champions the cause of the gifted in India.

    Mindsprings has been running a successful pioneering educational initiative for stimulating and educating children afflicted with cancer in Tata Memorial Hospital in the OPD and Ward for 3 years. This programme was recently the recipient of a prestigious award at the Paediatric Conference in Washington for being the only hospital programme of its kind for children with cancer.

    Usha has two Masters Degrees in English and Education, a Teaching Certificate from the Auckland College of Education New Zealand and a TEFLA in EFL, from Cambridge University (London).
    Usha has taught mainstream classes K-12 for several Boards in four countries namely India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the Australian International School in Jakarta. She trained and worked under Rosemary Cathcart, eminent gifted educator in Auckland. 
    Creating seminal programmes that are need based and dynamic is one of Usha’s talents. These programmes are bold and original in thought, organisation and implementation. Some of these in the areas of grammar and study skills have produced miraculous results.
    Usha lives with her husband in Mumbai. She is the proud mother of Adithi, who is Partner at Deloitte NZ, and grandmother to Atreya.

Steven O Brien
  • Steven O Brien
  • CEO Dyslexia Foundation, Liverpool, United Kingdom
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    Steven O Brien is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Dyslexia Foundation, a leading non-for-profit organisation in the UK supporting adults with dyslexia in employment, education and welfare.

    Steve is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for the dyslexic community, who has a Maters in Modern European Policy and has developed robust services through the Foundation that support those most disadvantaged by dyslexia in the field of penal reform, and welfare provision in the UK. This is achieved through the Foundation’s contacts and network of governmental organisations. Furthermore, through his role as board member locally with the Learning, Language Dyslexia and Disability Forum nationally with the Dyslexia Adult Network, Hidden Impairment Network and internationally with the International Dyslexia Association and Headstrong nation.

    Steve has delivered over 20 seminars and conference presentations in Europe, Turkey and the USA. He has spoken about quality assurance measures for the delivery of dyslexia support services, the Disability Student Allowance, funding specific learning disabilities support across the United Kingdom in Higher Education. Additionally, the Foundation’s unique model of support, that has been endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association. Steve’s work is also supported through the many contacts and network of governmental organisations, non-for-profit organisations and corporate partners that the Foundation has established over the past twenty years.

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